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Community Resources

Many people with legal problems need other types of non-legal help as well. The resources listed on this site provide a wide range of aid and information to people in need. They are broken down into three categories: Emergency Resources, Aid and Services, and Information Only. Some of the links will take you away from LSNJ's website, and you will access an external website that LSNJ does not control. LSNJ cannot attest to the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the information provided by these outside links. Linking to a website does not constitute an endorsement of any of the products or information presented on the site by LSNJ or any of its employees.

General Health Resources
Medical Conditions
Alzheimer's Disease
Eating Disorders/Nutrition
  • HIV, STD, and TB Services: Lists information about New Jersey agencies that provide HIV prevention services, care and treatment, and other support services; searchable by agency and by county (from the NJ Department of Health)
  • AIDSinfo: Information from the US Department of Health and Human Services
  • Common Patient Assistance Program Application Tool (from NASTAD) - A single application for individuals, who are uninsured and living with HIV, to apply for multiple assistance programs to provide complete antiretroviral therapy.
  • Free Medications for Individuals with HIV/AIDS (from the NJ Department of Health): Describes the federal Ryan White Part B AIDS Drug Distribution Program (ADDP), which funds prescription and insurance programs in all 50 states for eligible people living with HIV or AIDS
  • Hyacinth AIDS Foundation: Nonprofit that provides education, support, and advocacy
Prescription Assistance
  • Co-Pay Relief: Provides co-payment assistance to insured patients who are financially and medically qualified.
  • Diabetes Foundation Medical Assistance Program: The Diabetes Foundation’s Medical Assistance Program provides short-term emergency support to patients who are unable to pay for diabetes medications or supplies.
  • Needy Meds: A prescription discount card that can be used at participating pharmacies, but cannot be used in combination with insurance. There are no income, residency, or insurance requirements for this program.
  • National Organization of Rare Disorders: NORD is a not-for-profit coalition that focuses on helping people with “rare orphan” diseases. Their website links to their patient assistance program to help uninsured and under-insured individuals afford the life-sustaining medications they cannot afford.
  • NJ Save (from the NJ Department of Human Services) - Medicare premiums, prescription costs, living expenses.
  • Retail Stores/Pharmacy programs
  • RX Assist
  • RX Outreach
  • Rx Savings Plus: This discount card can be used any time your prescription is not covered by insurance. It can be used at CVS/pharmacy, Target, Rite Aid, and 60,000 participating pharmacies.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Fund: The Fund allows New Jersey residents who have survived an acquired brain injury to obtain the services and supports they need to live in the community, when insurance, personal resources and/or public programs are unavailable to meet their needs.
  • Goodwill Home Medical Equipment: Provides gently used, durable medical equipment at a greatly reduced rate. There are no income or insurance eligibility requirements.
Substance Abuse

Health Insurance

Lead Poisoning

Medical Conditions


  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Information: This federal website contains up-to-date information and fact sheets on HIV/AIDS-related topics. It links to recent journal articles and other relevant publications as well as current key developments in the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS. (from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/CDC)

Substance Abuse

Miscellaneous Health and Safety